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Frayed Knot Fishing Charters is the premier teaching charter on the Chesapeake Bay. The majority of my clients are boat owners that are “catching challenged.” Many recreational fishermen feel that the only way to learn is to take a charter boat out for a day and usually they catch fish but running a spread on a 45’ charter boat is totally different from setting a spread on a 20-25 foot recreational boat.

I offer my clients the chance to be their own mates and they are active in the placing of the lures and rods on the boat under my supervision. I explain the placements and reasons in great detail and in a manner which is easy to learn and take back to your craft.

The best way to catch fish trolling is to cover as many depths of the water column as possible. Of course this is accomplished by putting as many baits in the water that you can which can be difficult without getting lines tangled. One trip on the Frayed Knot will reduce the fishing “learning curve” and make you and your crew more successful each time you leave the dock.

Bring your crew (Maximum of 4) and learn hands on from a pro.


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